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Open Book

I want to lay my Life
On Your altars like an Open Book
And, Lord I pray
That, The pages which are Torn
You will mend–
The pages that are missing
You will replace
The pages that are empty Lord
You will fill with your word
The pages that are unclean
You will remove
Lord I pray My Life will become
Your Book!

by Thomas Lord

Building A Man 

They destroyed a Boy
But we built a Man
This certainly wasn’t the devils plan
For all my life he had the upper hand
But with him there were always two sets
Of prints in the sand
This was not my destiny
This was not my lifes plan
My heart began to cry as I reached out
To the One with Healing hands
And from that point
There has only been one set of footprints
In the sand
So reach out I promise He can___

by Thomas Lord

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